Website is like a wizard for the successful growth of the business and hosting plays the role of a backbone for an online business. Different hosting companies provide different hosting services. Now-a- days, one of the hosting service is playing a key role in hosting industry is PHP web hosting. Currently, over millions of websites are using PHP.

Why PHP hosting?

One of the prime reason for choosing PHP is its flexibility to operate on any operating system. PHP or Hypertext Processor is compatible with languages like C, Java and Pearl and also with HTML.

Advantages of PHP web hosting or Reason for its popularity

  • PHP is the only language which is very flexible, with PHP hosting; you can easily work with both the platforms i.e. Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting. Mostly, every operating system support PHP web hosting, making it a powerful tool over scripting language development. It is most commonly found in Linux web hosting. PHP is very versatile making the user flexible in switching from one hosting platform to another hosting platform, like from Windows web hosting to Linux web hosting.
  •  Another important feature of PHP is its compatibility to associate with all database software, like MySQL. Many MySQL ‘s are not supported by .NET or ASP and other languages. PHP has wonderful database connectivity among all scripting languages, and thus, the fusion of both PHP and MySQL becomes a wizard for most of the hosting service providing companies.
  •  Customization is an added feature of this versatile language. You can easily add additional features in it. It is not a matter of concern that what kind of website is, whether business website or personal website, PHP can easily and efficiently manage the content.
  •  Software kings like Microsoft, Oracle etc are the major supporters of PHP. PHP is a server language and has the ability to run on any platform like Windows, Linux and Unix.

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