Once your website designing work is accomplished then further, you should look at the hosting service providing companies to host your site. Before making choice for hosting company, you should know their types and which functions of hosting will suit you. Let me clear this statement, If you use .NET technologies, such as ASP then it is better to choose Windows hosting, and if you use PHP or MySQL on the site then it is advised to choose Linux server.

Both Windows and Linux have different features, pros and cons over each other. Linux server offers good features, but still we recommend you to opt for Windows hosting on the following ground:

Simple and easy to use: Windows hosting is constructed on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008. They provide their users several features that can help them in better management of their website as they are based on Microsoft NT and hence Windows provide reliable services. Microsoft is the only company that always struggles to provide simple and easy to use products and services and this can be seen from their new feature i.e. ASP or Active Server Pages. ASP feature is an excellent programming language as it imitates the visual basic language. With ASP feature already uploaded in Windows hosting makes the work of the users simpler as they are not required to grasp the difficult languages like Perl and CGI.

Flexible: Talking about Linux operating system, when it comes to installation of security updates, or patching, or introducing any change is somehow a difficult job as the developers have to use several tools and processes. Whereas, Windows is associated with the flexibility feature as it can accept different changes or implementations without the application of additional tools. Moreover, it is easy to switch from Windows to Linux.

Easily manage bulky database: Window hosting is best for big companies having colossal database used for both operational and storage purpose. Windows is a better option for big enterprises having a heavy traffic website.