Parked domain refers to the additional domains which you host on your account. Parked domain will show the same web site as your primary domain and that it do not have any separate web statistics. In fact, it is the registration of domain name, without using it for the services like e-mail or web site, and no content is placed on it.

For example, n will point to the same website “index.htm”.

How to assign Parked Domain?

For adding parked domain, following steps are needed:

  1.  Login to cPanel
  2.  Click Parked Domain icon.
  3.  Box in the right of New Domain Name; mention the domain name which you would like to park on top of your primary domain.
  4.  Click add domain.

You have successfully added a Parked Domain.

For removing the Parked domain, following steps are needed:

  •   Login to cPanel
  •   Click Parked Domain
  •   At the bottom, under Action, click Remove.

Remember the domains must be registered with a valid registrar, before are parked. In addition, they will not be functional unless they are configured to point to the same name servers as your primary domain.

If you have a hosting account with us, you can easily get access over parked domain. We provide with the below mentioned benefits:

  • An easy-to-use and powerful on-line web mail program
  • A domain pointer
  • E-mail forwarding
  • Redirecting capability
  • Several POP3 e-mail accounts
  • Limited disk space
  • The ability to access e-mail through any major Internet web browser