FTP acronym of File Transfer Protocol, refers to the network of protocols that transfer files from one computer to another over the Internet. With FTP it becomes easier for the end-users to upload text, images, multimedia files, etc from their personal computer to the server where the web site is placed, or it can be used to download the files from the server to their personal computer.

What are FTP login details and server address?

You can easily find your FTP account details, by just following these easy and simple steps:

  • Go to “Customer Area”.
  • Click on “My Account Tab”, you will get “Manage” button for your every hosting account.
  • By clicking on “Manage”, you will get your FTP login (same as cPanel).
  • Set your “Password”.

Where do I upload my website files?

All your web files should be uploaded to your web hosting account’s main folder, generally public_html, httpdocs, www, etc. from there all the files will appear on your site.

How to check the log of my FTP client?

In case of troubleshoot connectivity or any other problematic errors in your FTP account; FTP log is helpful to solve such problems as its work revolves around the tracking of each FTP command that you requests and the server response.

Here, you will get the detailed information on how to access your FTP log on most popular FTP clients

Filezilla: FTP log will appear by placing a check in, View>Message log menu. Log will be displayed in the upper part of the screen.

If you want to copy the log to the clipboard then you can select “Copy to Clipboard”.

Cute FTP: In case of Cute FTP, FTP log can be accessed by double click at “Log Window” at the bottom of the application window. When FTP log appears then you will be able to copy.