Domain privacy is very important. What happens while registering for domain name, you need to furnish all your personal details like, name, address, email ID according to ICAAN rules (organization that governs the use of domain name), so it is very important to protect your information being used by the third party.

A domain privacy service will secure your private information by substituting it with generic information­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ through proxy services by the hosting companies.  In this way your information gets secured.

Why to have domain privacy?

When you register your domain, the information belonging to you or your company becomes available through WHOIS database, and it is seen many a times that your information gets highlighted to disreputable and ill-intended personalities who will collect all your information from your domain records and they will use it to spam your email account, or they will place you in their mailing list for their promotional tasks etc. Hence, it becomes necessary to have domain privacy.