In the era of Internet, every businessman is giving a new face to its online business as it is a solid source for promoting the business as well as for increasing the online sale of products and services across the world. Every day nearly thousands of websites are placed on the Internet, and every web site differs with each other, but one thing is common in each of them; that they all use window hosting.

Shared hosting is considered as one of the good and most affordable hosting services for small and medium size businesses; who want to avail good hosting services in their limited budget. In shared hosting many web pages are placed on the single server. Each business web site is allotted with a prescribed space.
If the web site is designed by using .NET technologies like ASP then shared window hosting is the best option, and if the web site is designed using PHP or MySQL then Linux hosting would be better. Both hosting services provides good features, but still Window hosting is considered as the best option for the following reasons:

Neophytes will find it easy to understand: Window hosting is much easier to use as it is available in a familiar format. With this type of hosting service, you will not need to worry about learning difficult programming language for maintaining your site, thus it is the better selection for the beginners, unlike UNIX.

Simple to use: Shared window hosting is designed on Microsoft Window Server 2003 or 2008. Microsoft always remains in limelight for its good, uncomplicated, and easy in use features for their end users, eventually, helping them in better management of their web site. Microsoft services based on Microsoft NT server, (designed for businesses requiring advance capabilities) and therefore window hosting provides remarkable and reliable services to its clients.

Compatible: Window hosting is the only hosting service that supports scripting languages like ASP, .NET, ASP.NET and other visual basic languages. No other hosting service can support the web sites constructed on these frameworks. Window hosting is well-equipped with ASP, so there is no need to learn difficult languages like CGI and Perl. Window hosting is a better option for those who requires dynamic database web site.

Flexible: Flexibility feature is also associated with Window hosting. It is very easy for the end user to easily switch from Windows to Linux. Moreover, any change or implementation in terms of security updates, patching etc., can be done in windows easily without any application of new tool, but in Linux implementation can be done only by applying external new tools.