Ecommerce web sites hosting requirements are different from those text based and informative web sites. While running your online e-commerce business, you need to ensure that the most reliable and fastest hosting services have been employed on your web site.

Ecommerce web hosting Features -

SSL or Secured Locket Layer: For an E-commerce web site it is important that it should fall under the category of SSL certificates. SSL certificates help in building a strong and secured link between the server and the browser. Actually, these are important both for the customer as well as for the owner of the business. Online shoppers became savvy about the online shopping, they before undergoing any financial transaction or exchange of personal and confidential information, want to confirm that whether the site is safe to use. Similarly, SSL certification is important to enhance traffic on the e-commerce site.
It is very important for hosting service providers to provide SSL certification to the ecommerce web site.

Disk space and bandwidth: Your web site should not become the victim of downtime. Often many a time it is seen that your ecommerce web site experiences heavy traffic, but you are allotted a specified quota of disc space and bandwidth and because of which your site faces downtime. Therefore, stress should be made on choosing hosting service as per your business and site requirement. Likewise, if your site contains fewer databases then it is advised to use shared hosting services. Similarly, if your website contains large number of database then dedicated hosting will meet the hosting requirement of your site. Dedicated hosting is very costly, so VPS hosting is advised for those businesses having large number of database and a limited budget.

Reliability:Reliability is the key to success for hosting business”. The hosting service you are using should be reliable. Your hosting service should be able to provide you 99.9%uptime as people can visit your site anytime whenever they want. It will be the most silly part, if your customers continuously try to click on your site, but fails to load it.

Price: You are doing business to make more money not to lose the existing. There are many companies which are providing their hosting services at really affordable prices. So don’t take instant decision, try to do little bit Googling and find the best one.

Support: The most important key point is technical assistance. It should provide 24×7 x 365 technical support to the clients.