Well designed website is the foundation of an online business and a reliable web hosting is the spinal cord for your business growth and expansion. Hence, choosing the best web hosting service for your online presence of the business plays a vital role.

After a brief analysis and research, I found that web hosting service plays an important role in an online business, but one can face serious problem; when any of the site acquires more space then the allotted space as it will become a problem for other sites uploaded on the same server. This kind of problem does not arise in those hosting service providing companies which offers their clients unlimited disc space, bandwidth etc. With unlimited use of network and server resources you can easily upload or download the files without any limit. You can easily create unlimited number of database and can easily access unlimited number of forums. Wow, isn’t it impressive?

Hosting plans generally includes two types of hosting services; Single and unlimited web hosting. Single web hosting is not meant for small or medium size business because of expensive feature which allows only one domain hosting. If the customer wants to expand the portfolio of his existing site then he would require another hosting package. On the other hand unlimited web hosting is capable to add several new websites on a single server. There is a feature of “add-on-domain” within the web host cpanel which allows them to add more and more different web sites. Each domain has its own files stored in different folders and all domains share the same resources that have been allotted to them as per their hosting plan.

Sometimes, it is often seen that so many websites are placed on the single server sharing the resources together, if at any time any of the file takes more space than the allotted space in that case other sites may suffer, but this cannot be same in case of every unlimited hosting service, if you avail the services of best unlimited hosting services India then definitely you will not suffer.

Further, coming on speed, unlimited web hosting is fast, quick in comparison to single web hosting plan. They generally offer unlimited bandwidth, so it can easily serve more than hundred static-content websites without any loss in quality and performance.

As stated above, with unlimited web hosting plan you can avail unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth which, eventually, enables you to expand your business. It also provides the option of extra domain for email accounts, don’t you think that unlimited shared hosting plans are cost-effective than a single hosting plan.