With the increasing online business awareness, hosting industry is growing rapidly. To see your business site on the Internet, you need the help of a hosting company. Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting are the popular hosting services used these days.

Among the differences between both hosting: Shared hosting and Dedicated hosting, pricing comes first. Shared hosting is comparatively cheaper than the dedicated hosting. This is due to; shared hosting is equipped with limited number of features and resources, whereas dedicated hosting offers comparatively more features as well as more resources with the facility of customizing the hosting features as per the needs and requirements of the web site.

Second thing is Security, dedicated hosting offers more extensive security features as only one web site is submitted on the server. Eventually, you don’t need to worry about the security issues as you have full control over your site, but this doesn’t mean that the security offered by shared hosting is not satisfactory, yes complication can be seen, but only when you’re neighboring site faces any problem.

In shared hosting the owner of the site is allotted limited disc space, bandwidth etc. Shared hosting well suits the requirements of small web sites having few database. The limited number of resources can limit the functioning of your web site as you cannot add more advance features in your site. However, dedicated hosting offers you full access over all the resources. By having full control over the entire server, you can enhance your site performance as you will have more disc space, bandwidth, and many other essential required features like email account etc. It is better to look for dedicated hosting, only if your site experience heavy traffic and large database, and if your site does not fall under any of these category then it is better to go with shared hosting.

Last Uptime, an important requirement for every web hosting company is to make sure that your web site is always available to the visitors as and when required. If the site constantly faces down time then the visitors will get frustrated and eventually decides not to return again on the site. Both shared hosting as well dedicated hosting offers great uptime for its end-users. However, the uptime offered by the dedicated hosting is quite better.

Both Shared and dedicated have their own pros and cons, still they are the popular choices among the businesses.