Every business, whether small, medium or big, needs a website and hosting. Online establishment of a business plays an important role in making the business popular across the world and also it is a simple and easy or cheap way.

When your website gets designed properly, after that you need to take the help of hosting companies to host your website. There are around thousands of hosting service providers, you need to choose the best for you keeping in mind your site space requirements and budget. Important thing is that to choose that web hosting service which can provide you a clear pricing sheet.

Reliability” is the most important key factor in hosting industry. Always try to hunt for the reliable companies i.e., how long they are serving in hosting business and how many clients they have satisfied. If the company you have opted for hosting is not reliable or becomes unable to meet your requirements then it is obvious that you will switch to another hosting company even if your project is running. Hence, it is necessary to find a company that is serving in hosting area from a long time and having a good customer support for a legitimate hosting.

Different types of hosting services are provided by hosting companies, like Dedicated hosting, shared hosting, Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting. Among all hosting, shared hosting is the one which is most commonly used because of its cost-effective feature. On the other end, dedicated as well as VPS hosting proves to be quite expensive and only large business can afford them.

Shared hosting is like a blessing for small and medium size businesses as they cannot afford the dedicated and VPS hosting because of their limited budget. Shared hosting arrange their sites on the server without charging maintenance cost from them as they themselves arrange the maintenance and upgrades on their servers. Further, for shared hosting it is not necessary that the user should be technically sound or to possess the technical skills for placing their site on the server as shared hosting service providing companies employees are technically trained and experienced for uploading the site. With shared hosting, you can see your site visible within 24 hours or even in few minutes.

The major drawback associated with shared hosting is that many websites are placed on the same server and uses the available resources, like disc space, bandwidth etc. , problem arises when any user acquires more space then it will become a problem for other sites.